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Work currently in editorial process on the following topics: digital innovation and electronic waste, values and pluralism in conservation, social beliefs about poaching, waste management perspectives, wildfire policy options, drivers of the energy transition and the oil and gas industry. On Q methodology, read this.

Full peer-reviewed papers

  • 2022. From participation to commitment in silvopastoral programmes: Insights from Chiapas, Mexico.  Zabala, García Barrios and Pascual Ecological Economics 200 | Document (Open access)  | Snapshot
  • 2021. Experts and resource users split over solutions to peatland fires. Phelps, Zabala, Daeli and Carmenta World Development 146 | Document
  • 2021. Steps to diversify priority-setting research in conservation: Reflections on de Gracia 2021. Jucker (…), Zabala et al. Conservation Biology | Document
  • 2021. Evaluating bundles of interventions to prevent peat-fires in Indonesia. Carmenta, Zabala et al. Global Environmental Change 67 | Document
  • 2020. Diverse Perceptions on Eco-Certification for Shrimp Aquaculture in Indonesia. Azizah, Ishihara, Zabala et al. Sustainability (MDPI) , 12(22), 9387 | Document (Open access)
  • 2018. When and how to use Q methodology to understand perspectives in conservation research.
    Zabala, A., Sandbrook, C. and Mukherjee, N. Conservation Biology, 32(5):1185–1194 | Document (Open access) | Dataset | Accessible summary in Current Conservation
  • 2018. Ten‐year assessment of the 100 priority questions for global biodiversity conservation.
    with Jucker, T. et al. Conservation Biology, 32(6):1457–1463 | Document (Open access)
  • 2018. Comparison of techniques for eliciting views and judgements in decision-making.
    Mukherjee, N., Zabala, A. et al. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9:54–63 | Document (Open access) | Dataset for Q method
  • 2018. Multilevel assessment of a large-scale programme for poverty alleviation and wetland conservation: lessons from South Africa.
    Zabala, A., Sullivan, C.A., Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 61(3):493–514 | Document (Full access) | Accepted version (free) | Snapshot
  • 2017. Perceptions across scales of governance and the Indonesian peatland fires.
    Carmenta, R., Zabala, A., Daeli, W., Phelps, J. Global Environmental Change, 46, 50–59 | Document (Open access)
  • 2017. Payments for pioneers? Revisiting the role of external rewards for sustainable innovation under heterogeneous motivations.
    Zabala, A., Pascual, U., García-Barrios, L.E., Ecological Economics, 135:234–245 | Document | Accepted version (free) | Snapshot
  • 2016. The human dimension of peatland fires: understanding the perspectives of stakeholders at different scales.
    Carmenta, R., Zabala, A., Daely, W., Phelps., J., LESTARI Journal Vol 1. (In Bahasa-Indonesia) | Document (Open access)
  • 2016. Bootstrapping Q methodology to improve the understanding of human perspectives.
    Zabala, A., Pascual, U., PLoS One, 11(2):e0148087 | Document (Open access)
  • 2016. Precolonial institutions and deforestation in Africa.
    Larcom, S., van Gevelt, T., Zabala, A., Land Use Policy, 51:150–161 | Document
  • 2014. qmethod: a package to analyse human perspectives using Q methodology.
    Zabala, A., The R Journal, 6(2):163-173 | Document (Open access)
  • 2009. Walking the green carpet to work (A multicriteria analysis of policy measures to promote sustainable transport to industrial estates).
    Zabala, A., International Journal of Sustainable Development, 12(1):78 | Document
  • 2008. Integrating multiple perspectives in social multicriteria evaluation of flood-mitigation alternatives: the case of Malborghetto-Valbruna.
    Scolobig, A., Castan-Broto, V., & Zabala, A., Environment and Planning C: Government & Policy, 26(6):1143-1161 | Document


Book chapters

  • with Garcia-Barrios et al. 2020. Challenges for rural livelihoods, participatory agroforestry and biodiversity conservation in a neotropical biosphere reserve in Mexico. in Baldauf, C (ed.) Participatory Biodiversity Conservation. Springer.
  • Zabala et al. 2019. Natural Capital. in Eaton and Sheng (Ed.), The Inclusive Green Economy: Policies and practice. United Nations Environment Programme | Document
  • Zabala, A., 2018. Comparing Global Spatial Data on Deforestation for Institutional Analysis in Africa.
    In B. Huang (Ed.), Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (pp. 371-388). Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. Elsevier | Document | Snapshot
  • Sullivan, C. A., Dickens, C., Mander, M., Bonjean, M., Macfarlane, D., Bharwani, S., Matin, N., van Nieukerk, K., Diederichs, N., Taylor, A., King-Okumu, M. S. C., Kranz, N., Bisaro, S., Zabala, A., Romero, A., Huntjens, P., Knoesen, D., 2010. Promoting adaptive water management in the Orange Senqu river basin: a NeWater case study.
    In J. Mysiak, C. Pahl-Wostl, & C. A. Sullivan (Eds.), The Adaptive Water Resource Management Handbook (pp. 169-182). London: Earthscan | Document

Scientific software


  • Zabala, A., Mukherjee, N., 2020. Q methodology studies on human perspectives for biological conservation 1996-2017 | UK Data service
  • Zabala, A., 2018. Local impacts of a wetland restoration project in South Africa 2007 | UK Data service


  • PhD. Zabala, A., 2015. Motivations and incentives for pro-environmental behaviour: the case of silvopasture adoption in the tropical forest frontier. Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge. Passed without corrections | Full document
  • MSc. Zabala, A., 2007. From macro to micro. An evaluation of the Working for Wetlands programme and its implementation in Seekoeivlei, South Africa. Oxford University Centre for the Environment.
  • BSc. Zabala, A., 2005. Biosecurity and biodiversity conservation: an analysis of the international negotiations of plant genetic diversity (CBD, Cartagena Protocol and the FAO-Plant Treaty). Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Politics, Autonomous University of Barcelona (in Spanish). Grade of 10 over 10 (first such grade since the BSc. started) | Full document

Media & science communication

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Conference presentations (selected)

  • INVITED: Zabala, A., 2013.
    Are environment and development policies effective? Highlights from fieldwork in rural communities in Mexico and South Africa
    . Cambridge International Development Conference, Dec 2013, Cambridge. Emerging Researchers Roundtable | Briefing
  • Zabala, A., Garcia-Barrios, L E., Pascual, U., 2013.
    Understanding the Role of Livelihoods in the Adoption of Silvopasture in the Tropical Forest Frontier
    . 15th Annual BIOECON Conference. 18-20 Sep 2013, Cambridge | Document
  • Zabala, A., Sullivan, C., 2013. Analysis of a national programme for wetland rehabilitation in South Africa: lessons for environment and development policies. 10th biennial conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics. 18-21 Jun 2013 Lille | Summary
  • INVITED: Zabala, A., Pascual, U., Garcia-Barrios, L E., 2013. The implications of heterogeneous perspectives for the adoption of silvopasture in the tropical forest frontier. I International Symposium of the SRUK, Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK | **Best Abstract in the Social Sciences & Humanities**
  • Zabala, A., Pascual, U., & Garcia-Barrios, L. E., 2012. Disentangling landusers’ perspectives for the adoption of silvopastoral practices: lessons for targeting conservation payments in the tropical forest frontier. 12th Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics. Rio de Janeiro | Document
  • Zabala, A., 2011. A Q methodology study of farmers’ perspectives on forest conservation. PhD conference in Land Economy. Cambridge.
  • INVITED: Zabala, A., 2005. The website of the Degree of Environmental Sciences at UAB. I CampusRed Congress of Education and Research Online. Bilbao.

Conference posters (selected)

Seminar presentations (selected)

  • Zabala, A., 2012. Rewards for Ecosystem Services and Adoption of Sustainable Land Use Practices in Social-Ecological Systems. Zero Carbon Society Food for Thought lunchtime talks | Presentation
  • Zabala, A., 2012. Payments for pioneers? Acknowledging farmers’ perspective heterogeneity to enhance silvopastoral adoption policies in the tropical forest frontier. Seminar at the 4CMR – Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research.
  • Zabala, A., 2012. (Non-)Adoption of silvopastoral systems in the tropical forest frontier: a simple micro-econometric analysis. Land Economy lunchtime PhD seminar.