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I am lecturer (assistant professor) in environmental and sustainability policy & economics. I teach students how to design effective, just and efficient policy, and how to evaluate it. I research how to improve policy implementation.

Based at the Open University (Economics) and University of Cambridge & Centre for Environmental Governance (CEENRG). Former Social Sciences Editor in Nature Sustainability (at launch).

Areas of expertise
Environmental policy, sustainability, policy implementation, policy impact, environmental and ecological economics, land use, ecosystem restoration and regeneration, behavioural change, motivations and incentives for pro-environmental behaviour, perspectives and disagreement. Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia, Spain, UK.

Fieldwork experience with participatory methods about environment and development in remote rural areas.

Trained in Economics and Environmental Sciences [Click!]. Formal training and experience in graphic design (data visualisation). R programmer and instructor.

Media experience

Mainstream media: regular column writer, live radio collaborator and TV interviews in my native language (see Highlights).

Science communication: research highlights and editorials for broad interdisciplinary audiences (four years at Nature Research).

Currently working on a book about nature empowerment.