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Lecturer, The Open University and University of Cambridge & Centre for Environmental Governance (CEENRG)
Former Social Sciences Editor (at launch) in Nature Sustainability


Short summary:

⟶ Environmental and sustainability policy analysis, environmental and ecological economics.

⟶ Research on policy implementation, e.g. understanding motivations for pro-environmental behaviour or the diversity of perspectives about (un)sustainability developments & conflicts.

⟶ Trained in Economics, Geography and Environmental Sciences [Click!].
R programmer.

Methods & tools

Quantitative & qualitative (econometrics, Q methodology, multi-criteria, ...). Geographic Information Systems (QGis & R). R programmer & teacher. Linux.


Experience in rural areas in South Africa and Mexico, and in Barcelona.


Data visualisation and maps. Qualified & experienced graphic and web designer.


Basque, Spanish, Catalan, some French. Also, CSS, HTML, PHP, R!