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Printed map of organic producers

Map informing where to find organic producers

This map shows the location and type of organic produce in the province of Navarre. It was designed for printing.

I built the map by composing raw layers with GIS. The work includes the choice of colour palette, choice of linework and fontwork, and alignment of text and icons in vector graphics software. Additionally, the icons were designed for this project (see more details about the icons here).

Location names are distinguished according to whether they have organic producers (black colour) or not (gray). The alignment of icons and text follows a systematic pattern, adapted to each individual case to avoid overlaps.

An adaptation of this map, folded in long format, together with a second version of sellers (with purple palette, to reflect the predominance of wine sellers) was distributed in printed form by the regional organic certification body in 2008.

The draft of a web version (shown in the gallery) was part of the final year project in graphic design training.

Finished in 2009.

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