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  Natura Gure Esku (In Our Hands)

The book wants to reveal that there is, that it is possible, to think more freely and creatively about problems such as the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity and their corresponding decisions and, ultimately, to act. This book is written in Basque language. See the book page at the publisher’s website, Alberdania. [↗]

In this book, the author reflects on the relationship between humans and the environment, using narrative tools and dialogic techniques, interspersing personal experiences, current events and evidence from research.

The protagonist of the story is therefore not a “human being” in an abstract sense, but a young person who may be the author hermself or someone close to the author, who experiences daily problems due to being a person in today’s times, and who explains how she positions herself in relation to these issues.

The author’s intention is also to convey a positive or optimistic message, because ultimately, there is a lot that the individual – that is, each of us – can do to direct the direction and decisions of groups of people, companies, governments and, basically, society as a whole.

Using literature records, and avoiding prescriptive guidelines for green activities, this book aims to encourage the reader’s ability and willingness to think about complex problems and solutions. The book has ten chapters, including the introduction and the conclusion. In the eight main chapters, the narration and reflections are organized around a daily topic. In this way, in conversation or internal monologue, various topics come to the pages, like a series of short narratives full of finesse.

Natura Gure Esku liburuaren azala