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PhD. Editor at Nature Sustainability.

Previously teaching associate and researcher in environmental policy and ecological economics
University of Cambridge, Land Economy & Centre for Environmental Governance (C-EENRG)

I’m an environmental and social scientist, expert on environmental and sustainability policy analysis and evaluation.

I am intrigued by what motivations and incentives drive pro-environmental behaviour. I am also eager to understand the diversity of stakeholders’ perspectives on environmental issues, to support decision making, addressing conflict and successful policy implementation.

My most recent research looks at tropical forest conservation, with case studies in Mexico and Indonesia; the role of biodiversity indicators in rural governance; and methodologies to aid decision-making.


Quantitative and qualitative (multi-criteria, econometrics, Q methodology).


Expert in R, work with linux.
GIS (using QGis and R).


Experience in rural areas in South Africa and Chiapas (Mexico), and in Barcelona.


Qualified graphic and web designer.